U16s: New challenge

Anyone who’s been following my blog since day 1 will know that I started my coaching journey with what were then U7s and have now coached them through the last 3 years with them becoming U10 from next season. The experience has been valuable and it’s been a great age group to begin with as they’re pretty forgiving if you get a session slightly wrong!

However, despite continuing with them I’m keen to expand my horizons and offered to get involved with our under 16s who are a group of lads that want to start playing again following a year out (they folded when their previous manager moved on). I shall therefore be “head coach” for them this season and ran a first session last Wednesday night which went well.

This provides a completely different coaching challenge on a number of levels because obviously it’s an older group of players and it’s 11-a-side so sessions will be at a different level technically & tactically as well as needing to change communication & coaching style  but fundamentals such as sessions being well organised, appropriate, fun etc still apply.

I’m excited about the challenges it’ll bring and am especially looking forward to being able to try and coach a team to play in a style which I believe in and the obvious effort that’ll take to try and convey the way I’d like us to play in terms of our training sessions. I see this as a chance to develop these players & develop myself further as a coach and if I can look back in 12 months and confidently feel I’ve done both I’ll be very happy.

The current plan is for me to run a few sessions between now and the end of June to see what numbers we have and to keep the boys engaged before taking a small break and then coming back for pre-season to prepare for a season in the Oxfordshire Youth Invitational League.

As always, I’ll aim to log our progress and what I learn on this blog as I head in to a very busy season (playing, U9s, U16s & scouting!).

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3 Responses to U16s: New challenge

  1. lazybill says:

    Looking forward to reading and gleaning a few tips. Our lads morph from under 13s to under 14s this summer!

  2. Emanuele says:

    Good luck!

    I’ve started last month coaching an adult team (20+) while carrying on coaching my U11 and two things I’ve found quite hard: 1- keep sessions age related (for kids) and changing communication+coaching style from session to session. This last one especially has been (and still is) a big challenge for me as sometimes I end up treating adults as kids and kids as adults!

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