Weekend thoughts, U9s

It was an interesting weekend for with our Under 9s and I’d tweeted about it but thought I’d share on this blog as it’s good to write it down to help digest and review thoughts.

We had a game on Saturday morning which we lost but despite the 3-1 defeat I was particularly ecouraged by our performance as we’d actually played some good football and the boys are starting to put some good passing moves together (along with some impressive individual skill). Our goalkeeper was rolling or passing the ball out for the most of his time and although we conceded a goal doing this, as we did a couple of weeks back, it’s encouraging that the boys are doing this unprompted.

What was pleasing was how the opposition coach remarked to me how impressed he’d been with how we played out from the back, said it was “very brave” and “something we need to work on next season”.

The boys do take the result to heart and were down but we didn’t dwell on any negatives and let them know how pleased we were with the way they had played and that they were doing the right things. Results will come!

Then we had the news that another team in our age group had directly contacted the mother of one of our players and asked him a long to play for them. I find this incredibly frustrating and it makes me quite angry. This is a results based recruitment and isn’t about player development, of that I’m sure. Why does a U9 manager see fit to entice a player away from his friends just so that he can improve their results?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with this particular player and he’s developing very well so I’ll be gutted if he does in fact decide to move away from us when there’s so much more I want to cover with him.

So that’s that, an interesting weekend and now thoughts turn to training on Wednesday night and ensuring a fun and appropriate session!


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  1. Great that you are focusing on their development. The recruitment thing is very typical — happens everywhere in the world, including in my little corner of Canada. The sad thing is that the player will probably learn far less about the game and develop less as a player if he gets pigeonholed into one specialized position on this other coach’s team. I’ve seen it again and again and again over the years. So he will win games at U9 and U10, but by U15 he won’t be the full-fledged player that he might have been, and he may in fact become very average. It’s illusory. You get results, so it suggests you are developing, but in fact you are NOT developing.

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