Four week session plans

Our U9s manager and I went out for a couple of pints over the weekend and had a good chat about where we currently are and some of the challenges we have with the team. In amongst other items (rotating players, impact of players not playing in the first game etc) we talked about training and how to get the most out of our sessions.

I had observed that, partly due to my absence sometimes through work, the sessions often varied in topic from week to week which I think doesn’t help to embed knowledge in our players and their learning becomes a bit sporadic.

Therefore, I suggested we pick a topic and work with it across a four-week period and then review the outcome of that focus at the end of four weeks; will we notice a difference in the game after the 4 weeks (or indeed, in games during that period).

We recognised that there’s a need to ensure that sessions aren’t repeated and that we as coaches must find different and enjoyable ways to get our point across over the 4 week period but that it would give us a better chance of improving our players by this level of focus.

We’re going to start with finding/creating space from this week (in fact, we started on Saturday) and then look at another topic in month 2 which would again be a specific topic.

It may not work, some coaches may not agree with the method or chosen topic but we’re going to work with it and see what the results look like. At worst, it will be an interesting approach and the players will get continued coaching on one specific point.

I mentioned this on twitter yesterday and one response provided an interesting metaphor on the difference between weekly versus sustained topics; are you fire fighting (based on the previous weekend’s performance, or farming (sewing the seeds for future development) – this is something I love and I thin perfectly emphasises the point.

I’d be keen to understand if other coaches have adopted a similar approach and what they learned in the process?


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