Learning New Tricks

I watched the video below on Friday night having seen it on someone’s Twitter feed and as I hadn’t seen the second trick I watched the video a couple of times and thought nothing more of it.

Skip forward to Saturday morning and I’m with our U9s for a fixture they had away from home. We only had 7 players so before the game they were doing little 1v1 dribbling games, a couple of the boys were passing it between themselves (their choice) and I was messing about with one or two others (we were trying to nutmeg each other, practising scoop flicks etc – their choice) and as they started playing a little game on their own I decided to practice the second skill from STR’s video.

Having tried it around 10-15 times with mixed success (easier with a size 5 ball than size 4 I found!) one or two came over and asked how to do it, so I demonstrated what I’d seen on the video and they spent 5 minutes practising it before the game.

At half-time I noticed the same two practising it again and then a third joined in and they had a little try. They didn’t have much success and I hadn’t purposely shown them the skill as it’s a show-boat trick, not something that you’d use during a game, but I love their willingness to try a new trick and keep trying it & I can guarantee they’ll want to try it again at training on Wednesday.

It makes you realise that even if you’re not a very skilful player (which I’m not), you could take a trick from such a site, practise it yourself and introduce it to your players for them to try. If you know how to break it down you can show them what they need to do, you don’t have to master it.

Is it critical to their development to learn a trick that’s essentially a show-boat  Probably not. Does it help them develop their mastery of the football? Absolutely, so it’s got to be a good thing and another way to vary training sessions.


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