FA Level 2 Coaching Certificate

The FA Level 2 in Football CoachingOn Sunday I passed the Level 2 Coaching Certificate and I have to say I’m mightily pleased about it too! It’s a course I’ve wanted to do from the outset because I’d already heard that it’s a step up in terms of technical knowledge and it’s also a course which I think is recognised as a minimum requirement by a lot of football establishments.

The course began in February in sub-zero conditions on a frozen pitch and ended this weekend in near 30C heat so the contrast in weather conditions pretty much matched the transformation in the coaching capabilities of the 16 delegates across the 4 month period!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course; I’ve enjoyed it’s content, the way it was delivered, the people who attended the course with me and the new knowledge it’s given me – both on a footballing and coaching level.

It is (as many will tell you) a significant step up from Level 1, so you can see why some people drop out during the course. Overall though, it’s a course which is giving you the tools to deliver a better coaching session than you will no doubt have previously been capable of delivering. One of the key essences of the course is important – each evaluation check-list asks, “(The candidate should) demonstrate an ability to improve the performance of individuals and the group”, which is getting down to the nuts and bolts of what a football coach is there to do and that’s a consideration I’ll take with me in to every future session.

I’ve learnt about parts of football I’d never previously been taught (despite fancying myself as a player I’ve never actually had any level of decent training!); support, balance, cover, 1-2-1 defending techniques, receiving, switching play etc. And also how to develop a session so it enables players to practice their individual technique before progressing it (without major changes to area and setup) to a skill-based practice and then a SSG – all fantastic stuff.

Upon passing you’re left with a decision to make – where do you go from here? I already knew, I think. For me it’s now a time to embed what I’ve learnt over the last 4 months and develop my confidence in my ability to deliver successful sessions across all of the topics covered – I want to work really hard at that. I also want to progress further along the Youth Award Modules and in a few years I might then think about the UEFA B, but I have a lot more learning and experience to gain now which is the main aim really, build more experiences, learn, develop.


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3 Responses to FA Level 2 Coaching Certificate

  1. Emanuele says:

    I’ll deliver my final assessment session on July, and I completely agree with what you’ve written: it’s a big step up from level 1 and it’s a course that really gives you the base and the tools to start coaching, not just setting up a session. I think the knowledge you get from the Level 2 course is massive and it will require time to apply all we’ve learnt, but I’m so glad I’m doing the course.

    Good luck with your coaching career, reading the article I’ve had the feeling you’ll make it

  2. Kevin Graham says:

    I started the L2 course last night – thanks sincerely for sharing your experience as it has helped me to get a better perspective on what I have ahead in the two 3 hour sessions this week and then the full 5 day schedule next week.

    I’ve done quite a lot of coaching to date but have done that as a result of learning from guys who have UEFA B/A etc and developing my own routines and practices as a result of all I have seen as a player/coach.

    I’m a little concerned that I’ve developed habits that don’t conform to L2 practice and I’m certain this is going to a great challenge for me.

    Good luck and thanks again

    • Hi Kevin,

      Glad you found the blog posts useful (I’ve had good feedback on these from others!) and all the best with the course, I’m sure you’ll get lots out of it 🙂


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