FA Level 2: Day 6 Summary

Today was our final day together as a group before we head off to embed what we’ve learnt over the last 6 days and we finished early which was presumably recognition of the fact that neither our bodies or brains could take any more!

The final day has been quite interesting because in one sense you’ve just come to the end of a journey but then when your tutor talks you through what you now need to go and do you realise you’re actually just beginning.

Today has really just been about the final few coaches running through their SSGs, a bit of admin/paperwork and then the expectation setting from the tutor ahead of the next assessment day in mid-March. It’s at this point where (if you haven’t done your L2) you’ll be wondering what tasks we’ve been given to take away so to cure your curiosity here’s the gist:

  • 4 x 1hr sessions on a particular theme (e.g. Passing) where focus should be on delivering a technical practice, skill practice, SSG and one other session linked to that theme.
  • We also have around 4 tasks to compete in our folders. To give examples, one is on nutrition and another is about laws of the game.
  • Each session we do between now and the final assessment needs a witness who will provide a name & number to verify you actually performed the session.
  • After our catch-up day in March we’ll then need to complete a further 8 practices (of any topic) before our final assessment in May.

So despite sounding cheesy the hard work really does start now and we need to make sure we take what we’ve learnt in to our next sessions – something which is even tougher for those who aren’t linked to clubs already!


I’ve learnt a ton of stuff about football this week and at some point I’ll summarise what I’ve learnt in another blog but for now that’s the conclusion to 6 days of L2 summaries! I very much hope this might have inspired other coaches to invest the time and effort in to doing their level 2.


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5 Responses to FA Level 2: Day 6 Summary

  1. Lee says:

    Great read Simon – I’m thinking of doing my Level 2 in Feb – it does seem like an overwhelming amount of information in a short time though.

    Very interesting to read this though!

    • Hi Lee,

      There is a lot of information to take on but it’s nothing to be daunted by, this is football after all πŸ™‚

      Enjoy the course, you’ll take lots from it!


  2. Andrew Lowe says:

    Simon, thank-you so much for doing this. I’m taking my Level 2 next week and it’s helped to steady my nerves a bit…

  3. steve says:

    Hi Simon, I am doing my support days next week and we’ve been told to have are four linked and the following eight sessions completed, does this seem usual. What we’re the support days like.



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