FA Level 2: Day 4 Summary

With weary legs and bodies in abundance this morning we cracked on with Day 4 of our Level 2 course! The first two days were focussed on the transition from a “technical” to a “skills” practice and we then put this in to action on Tuesday when each coach ran a 15-20 minute session. Today we altered focus slightly as we started to look at SSGs – both in isolation and we saw an example of taking a topic from technical > skill > SSG.

Our day began with a look at session evaluation and self-reflection, e.g. which components of a coaching session should be evaluated?

  • Session organisation
  • Safety
  • Coaching technique / style
  • Were the coaching points delivered?
  • Did the coach improve the performance of an individual & the group?

We also looked at the types of people who we could use for feedback on our coaching or sessions, e.g.

  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • Players

On the topic of feedback – I’m hoping to use one of the Level 2 coaches at our club to observe some of my sessions so that he can provide feedback based on an awareness of the L2 syllabus.

After this in-class work we then went outside and slowly found the energy to compete in a number of sessions. This morning we looked at:

  • Dribbling (Technical > Skill)
  • Heading (Technical > Skill)

This afternoon we looked at:

  • Finishing (Technical > Skill > SSG)
  • Defending when outnumbered (SSG)
  • Ball control (SSG)

Some of the key points we’ve seen / learnt today are:

  • Ensuring you continue to cover all CPs during the session (e.g. not just focussing on the one you last introduced)
  • Use of target men/floaters during an SSG to add an alternate dimension (or achieve an objective)
  • The importance of any supporting players getting the practice right (to prevent your practice breaking down)
  • Alterations to increase success during a session
  • Transition from Technical to Skill to SSG

I’m sure there’s more but I’m out of thinking capacity now! Still finding it thoroughly enjoyable and the people are helping – all very open & supportive of each other (as with L1 and YAM1 really).

More tomorrow as I’ll have done my next session, a SSG on “Defending Deep” – eck!


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2 Responses to FA Level 2: Day 4 Summary

  1. Ron Usher says:

    Sounds like you’re learning a lot. I’m enjoying reading your blog posts. I find your excitement about what you’re learning and your coaching profession rejuvenating.

    I’ve got a ebook on soccer fitness, I’d like to send you. It’s geared more for parents of youth soccer players than coaches, but I’d like your opinion. If you’re interested, let me know.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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