FA Level 2: Day 3 Summary

Day 3 was always going to be a tough day, both physically and mentally. Physically because we’ve gone through 18 x 15-minute sessions and mentally because you arrive a little nervous about your session and you then put on the session which means you’re thinking about your set up, you want to deliver your coaching points, allow good time for the skills practice and also apply the coaching cycle in there somewhere as well!

As we spent the whole day doing practical work there isn’t a great amount of detail to go in to. My session was around Receiving Priorities and I used a session found via the #coachesbible on Twitter. The session went fairly well (in my opinion and the action points I took away from the tutor were:

  • Observe player performance in greater detail. I.e. I’d allowed a player to turn without touching the ball when my coaching point was to take a touch. I could then have gone in and corrected it for the player whilst allowing the remainder of the session to continue.
  • Could I use more Q&A? Not an AP as such but a question which was added to my comments & feedback.

I can look to address these action points on Thursday when we do it all again whilst ensuring I continue to work on the positive areas he’d identified across my session.

I’m now off to fuel myself with as much carbohydrate as I can possibly manage as we’re back at it again tomorrow with attacking sessions & SSGs!


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