FA Level 2: Day 2 Summary

I’ve just completed day 2 of the FA Level 2 course and I’m shattered if the truth be told. We’ve spent another day digesting a wealth of information whilst also taking part in the physical aspects of the course and doing some in-class work. However, it’s been another fun day and this is a course which certainly quenches any thirst for football or coaching knowledge.

Day 2 went as follows:

  • We began by revisiting long term player development and used the 4-corners to look at a couple of scenarios focused on U9 and U13 players. A useful activity and you start to see a variety of responses depending on who has or hasn’t started taking their youth award modules.
  • We then had an exercise to start thinking about session plans and the content you need to put in these. As with all of the other course tasks this was completed by each table/group and was very inclusive of everyone.
  • Next we had a break and headed outside to see a session on ball control/receiving priorities. As with yesterday any coaches who weren’t taking part were given a chance to introduce a coaching point if they wanted so I took an opportunity to do so.
  • After lunch it was straight back outside to look at defending (1v1, 2v2 & 3v3), a SSG where the focus was on coaching a team defending and then a dribbling session. The tutor had asked for 3 volunteers to run the final session which I got involved with, although our success was fairly limited as we didn’t have time to digest the session plan. I was keen to get involved in this session delivery today as it reduces the chance of nerves tomorrow!
  • We completed the day by reviewing coaching styles (Youth Award Mod 1) and receiving our sessions for tomorrow. I’ve been given “receiving priorities” so I’ve planned that tonight and will see how it goes tomorrow. Hopefully I can put the 1,000 thoughts about what you can or should be doing to one side and keep things simple – focussing on delivery of the coaching points and using the coaching cycle.

So, busy, lots to take in, physically tiring and a bit of nerves/pressure but it wouldn’t be fun any other way would it? 🙂

I’ll hopefully get a summary of day 3 up tomorrow night.


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