Coaching, Arsenal Soccer Schools & Level 2

As the big freeze has resulted in both coaching sessions being cancelled this week I thought I’d just write an update on where I’m at right now.

The coaching which I’ve been doing with our local Under 8s team has been going well and the team have been doing well of late. In fact, I don’t think they’ve lost a game (on aggregate) for quite a while and whilst I know that this isn’t a results game at a young age I do think it demonstrates that we’re hopefully developing the players and this is in turn leading to them putting in some really good performances and getting results.

I’ve also been helping Joe Sutton with some Arsenal Soccer Schools he’s been running in Oxfordshire. These have been a different type of challenge because a) you have a sense of increased expectation regarding the quality of the session, b) it’s been with a smaller group of players and c) it’s a new group of players after working with the same group (local club) for 2 years.

The fact it’s a smaller group of players has actually been really good because you can spend more time at each session and I also know exactly how many players to expect at each session which makes planning easier. The onus has been on me to create the plan for the session with a topic or theme to cover (i.e. dribbling & control) and this has also been a really useful exercise as it’s something I don’t do regularly for the grassroots team.

That aside I start my Level 2 course on Sunday which is really exciting and I guess there’s a little apprehension in there as well! As with the other courses it’ll be a case of soaking up all the information and I’m looking forward to speaking with the other coaches on the course to find out what they do and what knowledge they can share.

My next post on this blog will no doubt be a summary of my week on the Level 2 course so stay tuned for that, especially if you’re yet to do your level 2!


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