Hopes & Aspirations for 2012

It’s only when you reflect back that you realise how quickly time passes. I first started coaching in Sept ’10 and we’re already in January ’12 and that’s felt like the blink of an eye!

As we head in to 2012 I’m primarily focussed on two developments – one being my Level 2 which I start in February and one being the Youth Award Module 2 which I’m going on in April. I’m trying not to rush through qualifications as I know experience is key but this is being balanced with a thirst to learn & improve!

Outside of the qualifications & courses I’m continuing to enjoy coaching our U8s and I think it’s even more rewarding now they’re playing matches as the things you teach them in training can be seen during a game. I’ll carry on coaching the U8s whilst also looking at outside opportunities to increase the amount of time each week I’m coaching and I’d also like to expand in to coaching at an older age group as we move toward the summer.

I hope that I can pass the Level 2 course and that’ll build my confidence and potentially open up other avenues but ultimately, if I’m allowing kids to enjoy their football, develop and do this in a safe environment then I’m achieving the main objective.

Good luck to your all and your teams in 2012.


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