Managing young expectations

I had a chat with one of players after training tonight. He’d trained well, played well and made some good decisions so I wanted to tell him and make sure he knew that he’d done well and that I was impressed with him. He said to me, “I’m trying to work hard because I want to be scouted”, which is clearly on the back of two other players of ours being “scouted” recently.

I told him not to worry about being scouted at his age (7) and that I felt he should just enjoy his football and worry about being scouted when he’s older. I wasn’t really expecting the question but I don’t want a 7 year old boy becoming obsessed or even concerned because he’s not been scouted – especially when he’s a class act.

I worry for our kids who’ve been “scouted” – I hope they do well but I really hope they don’t just get dropped after a few weeks and become despondent, especially when they’re also good young players.


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One Response to Managing young expectations

  1. Hi Simon,

    Nice one pointed out there and a bit shocking, that a 7 year old is concerned about being scouted already…

    One thing is to be scouted, but the most important thing is, that the player is ready for the move. If he is not, he will properly fail and a talent will be lost.

    A player must be patient and wait to make the move until he is mentally ready.

    I always keep this in mind, when one of my players are scouted and the other club contacts my club about him.

    If I say “He is not ready yet”, I hope the player, his parents and the club are listening to me.

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