One season ends and another starts

It’s been a while since I blogged but it’s not for the lack of football-related action in my world. Our under 7s have now finished their season and on Wednesday we had our final training session ahead of a 5 week summer break which will allow both the players, the parents and the coaching staff a well earned break!

However, as that season ends a new one starts for our adult side. We’ve moved across from being a Sunday pub-side to a Saturday side, and therefore will be taking our football more seriously and organising our club in a different way. My involvement in our new adult side will be on three fronts as I’ll be playing, helping our manager with training and I’m also our club secretary so it’s going to be a busy season next season as I balance my commitments to both the adult side and our (soon to be) u8s.

The season I’ve spent with our under 7s has been great fun, my first as a coach at youth (or any) level. I still look back to my first session where I can vividly remember wondering what I’d let myself in for as I failed to control a group of hyper 6 and 7 year olds! Fast forward 11 months and I’m part of the furniture, the kids know me, I know them and I’d like to think both have progressed! For the players, I think starting to play matches regularly toward the end of the season was the biggest factor in their improvement, it also helped us as coaches get a better idea of their development or coaching needs.

Next season with the under 8s we take part in a non-competitive fixture list and will play 2-3 times per month so this will provide us with a regular barometer of their progress. I’m certainly looking forward to applying what I learnt on the Module 1 course and will be hoping to pass my Mod 2 and Level 2 by this time next year.

For the adults it’s more a case of helping to put on a session which is structured, planned and enjoyable for the players. I’m not there to coach but I’m working with our manager to make sure we’re not thinking up sessions when we get there and I think players appreciate a session which is planned and well organised. I’ll be blogging about our sessions so others can see what we’re doing and what we’re trying to achieve.

So, with the end of the under 7 season and the huge amount of work we’ve been putting in to our adult side it’s been a crazy few weeks but this blog now moves from solely focussing on under 7s to now covering both under 7s and adult football.


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