Youth Award Module – Days 3 & 4

Day 3

The third day of the Youth Award Module 1 course followed a similar trend to the previous day, with ample opportunity to reflect on what we’ve already learnt, digest new content and learn some new games out on the field. It also provides me, and I’m sure I’m not alone, with several instances during the day where I’ve drifted off in thought to consider how what I’ve just learnt applies to the under 7s I coach.

We start with a recap of Day 2 and then head in to a section looking at self-esteem – what it is, what it means and why it’s important that coaches carefully consider it during our sessions & matches. After this we head out doors and cover three new games which focus on passing & shooting, all very enjoyable and played in glorious sunshine. Once the practical’s out of the way we take lunch and as with all four days, the conversation is made up entirely of coaching & football in general (my kind of lunch!) before we head back in to the classroom to look at managing mistakes. The Managing Mistakes section of the course asks the coach to consider what a mistake is, why it happens and how we respond to it. Finally, we look at managing difference in the social corner.

Day 4

By Day 4 we’d covered most of the theoretical content (as planned) and we were split in to groups of 3 and asked to create a 20 minute session which implemented some of the key themes we’d learnt across the previous 3 days. We were given around an hour to plan & create our session before we then headed outside and our 5 groups carried out their sessions. There’s no assessment on the Module 1 course but you do receive feedback from the group and the trainer once you’ve completed your session. I’ll summarise what our group did in a separate post.

Once all the groups had completed their sessions, and there were some fantastic sessions put on, we headed inside to do a final session on managing difference in the psychological corner and then we were complete.

For me, this course was incredibly valuable and I’d happily recommend it to anyone, no matter how long they might have been in the game.

The key learning points I took from this course were as follows:

  • The large number of factors that can affect a child’s social maturity, development and mood
  • An appreciation for the ways in which a child can vary in the context of the four-corners
  • A new found understanding and awareness of the importance of appropriately handling a child’s motivation, self-esteem and confidence
  • Awareness of new games
  • Techniques and ideas for managing the different levels of playing ability within a session

Where next? Our trainer Tessa Payne, advised that there’s not too much difference between taking Level 2 or Module 2 next so I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for either course and I’d like to take them before the end of the calendar year.


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