Coaching Day 14: Progress

Wednesday’s session was, by recent standards, fairly uneventful. We had no tantrums, no fighting, no teeth lost and no kids sitting on the sideline! The warmer weather also brought the parents out in force so we carried out the session with something of an audience, rather than the usual two or three hardy souls who stay to watch.

The recent chats with the kids about them being a team appears to be paying off because there was less of the boisterous behaviour we’ve seen in recent weeks, perhaps the arrival of their new kit & the announcement of our first fixtures has helped. The team’s first three games are coming up very shortly and it’s slightly disappointing that I’ll be in India for the first two, but I can’t wait for the tournament we’ve got in early June as it’ll be great to see them up against other sides.

What was fantastic to see on Wednesday was that the boy I’ve discussed in recent weeks took part in the whole session and looked to have a great time. Yes, he spent most of the match at the end with the bib over his head and yes, he’d spent one of the games running round with the ball under his shirt but the fact he engaged and had fun is, I think, progress!

It was good to hear the comments from the parents on the sideline were positive, I was nervous about “get rid of it” type comments but any comments were purely positive and that’s encouraging.

So less to deal with than recent weeks and the next time I coach the boys I’ll have two days of Youth Award Module 1 coaching under my belt.


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