Coaching Day 11: Football takes a back seat

Wednesday’s session seemed to be one of those where you spend more time managing the boys/girls than you do actually focussing on the football aspect of the session, which I guess is to be expected sometimes when coaching under 7s.

As someone who’s not a parent it can be far more challenging to ensure you’re dealing with children appropriately than it is to control & coordinate the games within a session. Knowing how to deal with the tantrums, the injuries, the tears and anything else which happens to crop up during a session is something which is taking time to develop and feel comfortable with – although it probably feels fairly normal if you’re a parent.

Wednesday’s session seemed to have all of the above and I’d only just arrived as the guy I coach with was walking a tearful boy over to the changing rooms as he’d lost a tooth when the ball hit him in the mouth! We then had one boy throw a major tantrum over something which seemed fairly trivial, there were two lots of tears caused by mis-timed tackles and a little bit of verbal bullying to sort out. Hence football coaching really took a backseat.

I’m hoping that my ability to deal with these types of situations will improve with experience, in fact I know it will, and I’m also hoping that the FA Youth Module is going to help with some of the “softer” side of football coaching.

As for the football? We worked on passing, control & dribbling throughout the session using a couple of different games and it’s great to see some of the kids starting to show signs of improvement as we’re another week closer to our first ever match! I think we’ll now look to start them thinking about formations and positioning on a football pitch so it makes the transition to a match situation much easier to handle.


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2 Responses to Coaching Day 11: Football takes a back seat

  1. I guess I come at it from the opposite side – I’m a dad now in my first spring of coaching a Under 7 side (and my second spring with a Under 5 team). My Under 5 team is all returning from the fall but the Under 7 is a new group.

    My biggest issue in the two sessions so far is containing the energy of 9 six and seven year old boys – which is plentiful and getting them to settle in for even basic tasks like playing 1v1 or 2v2. The energy is great – but I want to to come out within the confines of a field on tasks like dribbling and defending.

    Young kids are the same on both sides of the ocean!

    • Simon says:

      Hi Dennis,

      I know exactly what you mean! It can take up to 5 minutes sometimes to get them settled and under control and I find that I usually have to start a session/game in order to get some of them back concentrating on the football!

      I think it’s fair to say they often tire me out more than I tire them out πŸ™‚


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