Coaching Development: Mnemonics

A conversation on Twitter (where else?) with Jamie Devlin today has inspired me to attempt to see if we can gather a collection of coaching mnemonics which could be used by football coaches anywhere to help them remember some of the key lists which form coaching techniques, drills or skills. Aaron Danks made reference to an absolutely brilliant mnemonic last week when he mentioned TITS as a way to remember the key aspects of dribbling, that is – Technique Intelligence Tricks and Speed (who will ever forget that?!).

From a previous job I know mnemonics are commonly used in numerous practices as a way of helping people to remember stuff – so I thought I’d see if we could gather a collection via this site and I’ll compile a list which can then be managed and maintained.

I believe the Level 1 course already touches on one in particular which is ABCs (Agility – Balance – Coordination) so we’re already seeing that the FA are using these formally.

So, answers on a postcard (via the comments box) and we’ll see what we can do. Remember: these are a great aid to learning & remembering!


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