Coach Development: Two new courses booked

Due to it being half-term we’ve got no training this week so I have no coaching diary entry to write. Instead I thought I’d create a new tag line for blog posts, ‘Coach Development’, and tell you that I’ve enrolled on two coaching courses today.

The only formal coaching course I’ve been on so far is the FA’s Level 1 course which I went on back in August 2010 so I’m very much looking forward to these two courses.

FA Youth Award Module 1

The FA Youth Award Module 1 is receiving lots of plaudits from people who’ve attended the course and I know the FA are pushing it hard as they referenced it numerous times during the Level 1 course and some of the content is also mentioned in their Future Game book. The course is the first of three modules under the ‘Youth Award’ series and from what I’ve read I believe Module 1 will focus on how children learn, how to motivate them, how to avoid knocking their confidence and it also introduces new games following those which are demonstrated during the Level 1 course.

I had to choose between taking this and taking the Level 2 course due to an overlap in dates but I hope this course is going to provide more immediate benefit as I’m currently coaching a group of Under 7s.

Click here for details on the FA Youth Award Module 1

The FA Introductory Certificate in Coaching Adults

I stumbled across this course but it looks exactly what I’m looking for. Whilst passionate about coaching & developing young players I also have ambitions of coaching at a senior level so to come across a course which covers a range of topics from training drills (aimed at adults), to team management, fitness and motivation was to good an opportunity to turn down.

The course is only 1 day and at £45 I’m hoping it’s going to provide value for money. I’ve not come across anyone who’s been on this course so please let me know your thoughts if you’ve already been on it.

Click here for details of FA Introductory Certificate in Coaching Adults

Other learning

In addition to these two I’ve signed up to two sessions being run by the Oxfordshire FA’s Coaching Association in the next couple of months; one is an introduction to coaching goalkeepers and another is a session which looks at how Wolves FC develop their academy players so both of these should also be useful learning experiences.

And finally, I’ve seen various Futsal coaching courses dotted around recently and wanted to ask what might be a fairly stupid question – is there value to be had from a Futsal courses for non-Futsal coaches? Just interested…


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