2011: Your year to make a difference

I have a number of ambitions for 2011 which I’d like to personally fulfil but I also have an ambition which is directed at others; I want to encourage more people to get involved in grassroots football.

I really want to urge other like-minded people to get involved in coaching at a youth level in this country. I’m looking at those people who’re passionate about football, passionate about the success of our national team and passionate about football development at the grassroots level.

I believe there are many people out there who fit the criteria but for whatever reason they aren’t yet involved in grassroots football. It could be a lack of knowledge of FA Coaching courses, a lack of involvement in a youth side (i.e. via their own children) or it could be an uncertainty regarding the impact they (you) can make.

I hope to be able to inspire people to get involved and make a difference for all the right reasons. I want people to get involved in a local youth side, to take their Level 1 coaching qualification and to ensure our grassroots footballers are being coached by enthusiastic people with the right values and who’re in it for the right reason.

If I can inspire 5 people to get involved in 2011 I think that’ll be great. If you can do the same, even better. I really want to do my bit for the future of the game in this country and as well as practising what I preach I also think there’s room for more qualified coaches at the grassroots.

Of course, there are other improvements which need to be made if we’re to start developing more world-class talent but I’m going to focus on what I can do to play my part.


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