Barcelona reach purist perfection

Barcelona 5 – 0 Real Madrid. The score line was equally as emphatic as the dominance Barcelona held over Real Madrid in El Clasico at the Camp Nou on Monday night. Mourinho, of course, claimed it wasn’t an embarrassment for Madrid but the rest of the world saw the win for what it really was.

The performance and the result had adulation flying in Barca’s direction from all corners of the world, and what must be most pleasing for everyone connected with the Catalan club is the fact that this came from a team built almost entirely from home-grown talent.

Real Madrid’s squad cost around double that of Barca’s, so at around £140m Barca have still spent considerably to ensure they sign some of the best players in the world but Madrid, unlike Chelsea, have failed to turn their investment in to trophies.

Barcelona’s youth development program is now rated as the number 1 youth academy in world football and when you look at the player’s who’re coming through, combined with the football they play,  it’s easy to see why. What I like about the Barca academy is the ethos that lives within La Masia – 433 is the default formation which is combined with three pillars of player development:

  • Player technique (control, balance etc)
  • Positional awareness and movement (total football)
  • One-touch passing

Combine these together and you begin to see why the Barcelona first team have been so successful in recent years. However, great credit should be shown to Guardiola because it still takes great management to ensure that the whole is equal to the sum of the parts – that is, just because you have great players doesn’t necessarily mean success and trophies.

Barcelona’s performance in El Clasico was as good a performance as I have seen from a club in my 20 years of watching football and although I have seen great performances from various teams in the past, they haven’t represented the type of “purist perfection” that Barcelona’s performance simply  was.

I take great inspiration from Barcelona, the way they develop players and the way they go about their football. It makes me want to develop young players in the same way, concentrating on technique, awareness and one-touch play. I want to develop players who go on to be good players, players who are comfortable on the ball and players who are proper footballers  and Barca motivate me to do this.


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2 Responses to Barcelona reach purist perfection

  1. Gary says:

    Hi Simon,
    You are the first blogger I have come across that has mentioned this display was the greatest you’ve ever seen.

    Those were my first words to my brother after the game (and I’ve been watching for over 20 years as well).
    The following morning an Argi show we watch with pundits that are not PC said the same thing, along with former Arg coach Alfio Basile.

    The fact that the big name bloggers and media in the US didn’t state anything of the sort really explains our level of sophistication. Is it any different over there?

  2. Simon says:

    Hi Gary,

    Yes, there have been pundits and managers over here who’ve labelled Barca’s performance as one of, if not the best ever. I think Harry Redknapp said something along those lines.

    I guess it’s difficult to suggest any particular performance is “the best ever” but I certainly think Barca’s was the best I’ve seen.


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