Coaching Day 2: U7s

Tonight was better, much better. We had a lower turn-out, presumably due to the colder weather, which meant we had a football for each of the kids and this helped no end.

To start with, we could play a proper game of sharks v minnows as a warm-up with all the players dribbling a ball from one end to the other and this worked so well that we played two games.

We then split the groups in to two again (as last week) and so I started by playing traffic lights. This worked ok but I think I played it a bit too long, or didn’t vary it enough as the kids seemed to get a bit bored. I also had two boys who did the opposite to what I said – quite frustrating, but I eventually found a way to coax them in to playing the game properly. As for the game – I had a cone for stopping, one for changing direction, one for sitting on the ball and one for doing a trick – the final one worked really well as they suddenly all engaged and all wanted to show me what they could do. It was also much easier to dish out praise as it was very easy to spot the kids doing good tricks, or those attempting them at least!

I then did some shooting, where the players would dribble from a point before having a shot. They enjoyed this (who doesn’t enjoying shooting?) and we progressed it by making them have to take the ball round me before shooting so it included dribbling and shooting.

I then moved in to a game of 5 v 5 and made sure the focus was on passing. I found the kids quite responsive to simply asking “who can you pass to?” whenever they got on the ball. They didn’t seem as greedy as in the bigger game we played last week, perhaps because there was more time on the ball so they could get their head up. Next week I think I’ll attempt to stop the game every now and then to ask them to look at where the space is.

The only downside tonight was one particularly unruly kid who seemed to want to do the opposite to what I instructed, torment other kids and generally disrupt the session but I guess that’s what happens when you have U7 players. I managed to quieten him by putting him in goal (his favoured position) for the shooting and 5v5 games.

I think the session had a good flow to it, I think the players as a whole probably spent far longer with a ball at their feet as they did last week and I found a previously supplied tip of getting them to sit down when talking to them worked really well.

I’ve also acquired two nicknames in a short space of time, apparently I look like Joe Cole to some and Clint Dempsey to others!


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One Response to Coaching Day 2: U7s

  1. Coachandy says:

    Its all a earning and with you thirst for knowledge you will get better with every session.

    A couple of things that may help in future. Traffic Lights game: Traffic lights can go breakdown and the man who comes to fix them doesnt do it right, so they get new colours! For example Blue. Do you know what the cars did when they turned Blue? They started going round in circles! Ass other colours and movements.

    If you are short of balls, instead of shark and minnows. Play soccer city. The two areas become townsm and while one town sleeps, the other town drives their cars (granny = slow, mum and dad = normal, sports car = fast) and dump them in the other town because the Mayor of their twon hates cars and is enviromentally friendly. When they have dumped their car they run back to their toen and go to sleep. then repeat with the other town.

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