No battle plan survives contact with the enemy

If I learnt anything from my first coaching session, it’s that to be an effective coach you have to be able to be flexible with your plans at any time. I went along to my the first session  with what I thought were fairly cast iron plans because I knew what games I was going to use and had planned in my head how I was going to carry them out. Within 2 minutes of being given half of the kids at the session my plans were in need of alteration, and it threw me.

I’m now planning for the next session on Wednesday and I’m planning with an element of caution. I’m planning to use games which have a theme and work on a particular skillset, I’m planning to use games which are easy to explain and fit with the equipment available but I’m also trying to ensure I have options so that if any one game doesn’t work I have other alternatives to use.

I’m starting to understand that the ability to be inventive with sessions and be able to change ideas at short notice is what might make the difference as a coach and I’m hoping that the preparation I put in to a session will ensure it’s a good session and a session which gives maximum benefit to the players. In the mean time, I’m looking forward to seeing if this week’s preparation stands me in good stead come Wednesday…


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