Repetition pays off, team pass it like Arsenal!

This blog is aimed at my beginnings as a youth football coach but from time to time I’ll cover other coaching related topics which come to mind, especially anything related to the side I play for, hence where this blog comes from.

Since returning to pre-season training in July we’ve focussed on two things – fitness and passing, and they’ve been covered at every training session from the first session to the final session before our first game of the season.

They’ve been covered in a range of methods and they’ve maybe not always been covered as the FA might advise but the emphasis has been clear and the hours have been put it, which is why it was great that the first game of the season saw the team looking fit, sharp and above all else, passing the ball superbly.

Being a player I hadn’t appreciated this too much but on reflection it’s clear to see that the repetition of areas we wanted to improve has really paid off. I ‘d even helped in a few of our sessions by running some passing-based games/drills, mainly because it’s a key ethos of mine – teams must pass the ball.

What was more impressive yesterday, was that without prior-recognition, the players all realised that their work over the last two months had come to fruition and suddenly it all made sense. The running, the passing without a goal [which had been questioned] – it all came together.

Come the next game we might find that we can’t pass for toffee but I doubt it. I doubt it because I guarantee we’ll focus on passing again in training this week, and next week, and the week after – and it’ll continue to develop our team with the players now knowing why we’re doing it…

So even as a player, I’ve started to see the evidence that repetition can bring reward, the challenge is to avoid repetition = boring.


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