Level 1 – complete

The Level 1 course has a 96% pass rate and I believe it’s widely recognised that you’d have to go majorly wrong not to pass it but I’m still pleased that I passed the course yesterday and can now hold the FA Level 1 in Coaching qualification to my name.

The course itself was really enjoyable, the people who joined me on the course were great – all very enthusiastic and keen to ensure we all passed together and I feel that I’ve learnt a lot. What I’ve learnt varies – from simple things such as needing to get CRB clearance (I have CRB for education, but also need it for sport), to the new games that the course covers but also on to children, and how they learn and develop and different pace.

I’d thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who’s currently thinking of taking it. The two assessors have recommended I take the FA Youth Award Module (Level 1) within the next three months and the Level 2 coaching course within the next 12 months and that’s exactly what I shall aim to do, whilst working with my local club to start gaining experience in coaching and working with young footballers.


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