Training: The importance of a cohesive session

Over the past couple of seasons I’ve helped out a few times with the training sessions for my Sunday side (adults team) and this week I was asked to help out again. It’s enjoyable being able to do this and the focus is almost entirely on enjoyment & fitness rather than any attempt to improve the lads technique or team play.

I’ve found that just the act of needing to identify drills which are new and will appeal to players at a senior level has enabled me to finding some interesting coaching websites and you also begin to build an understanding of what the players enjoy and what they find dull.

What I’ve also needed to take in to account is how complex the drill is and whether I’m going to lose their attention in the process of explaining it because as soon as I lose their attention I find it’s very difficult to get it back.

However, above all else the single biggest challenge I’ve found is the necessity to keep the session cohesive, ensuring it’s well planned and you that I’m able to try to prevent unexpected stoppages or periods of time where the players are waiting around because this visibly has a detrimental effect on the session AND puts pressure on the coach.

I’m hoping to continue to be involved in our training sessions on a more frequent basis because I think any experience in planning & organising a training session is going to be good experience at the moment, irrespective of age group or ability.


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