FA Coaching Level 2 or Youth Award Module 1?

I stated in my first post that I intend to do the Level 1 FA Coaching course in August and then follow this up by starting the Level 2 course in September. I’d aimed to do the two in quick succession for two primary reasons; 1 – the Oxfordshire FA are running an L2 in Oxford (they seem to be like gold-dust) and 2 – the content intrigues me.

However, it’s recently been pointed out to me that the FA Youth Award Module 1 might be a better second step instead of taking the Level 2 course so I’m currently trying to understand a bit more about the Youth Award in order to make a more informed decision.

From what I understand the courses have these objectives:

  • Level 2 coaching – look at coaching in more detail, specifically mapping techniques & drills to core skills as well as looking at patterns of play.
  • Youth Award Module 1 – looking at the “softer” side of coaching. Motivating young players, supporting them & understanding how to maximise the effectiveness of your coaching.

As they’re different courses there is clearly going to be value in each so I guess my question is this – would I be better to gain experience and do the Youth Award before doing the Level 2 course or should I just do whatever’s available first? [There is currently no youth award scheduled in on the OFA website].

What do you, the readers, think? If you’ve been down either of the routes I’m thinking of taking, how did it go? And would you have done anything differently?


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One Response to FA Coaching Level 2 or Youth Award Module 1?

  1. Simon, I left you a PM on the Footy4Kids message board for you.

    In the meantime, I have done the Youth Award Module 1 and if you intend to keep coaching young children, I recommend it without reservation.
    The content and philosophy are fabulous and the Module 2 is of an equal standard.

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