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Not an article as such but I thought I’d share some of the useful coaching information & websites I’ve found on my trawls recently. I find it’s always useful to share information and I shall aim to create  a page where I list all of the sites below plus any others I come across.

If you happen to know of any similarly interesting sites on the topic of football coaching please let me know via the comments option and I shall add them to the resources page once I’ve sorted it out.


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6 Responses to Coaching resources & links

  1. alan says:

    Hey Simon, you have been busy, leave no stone unturned!

    • Simon says:

      My only problem is finding time to read them! It doesn’t help that I’m currently in the process of moving house mind!


  2. Spurros says:

    Great bunch of links, good work – adding them to my (increasingly enormous) collection.

    Some good articles I’ve picked up –

    Can English football adapt?

    Competing Interests

    Creating human beings, not sportsmen,17033,13320_6247145,00.html

    What traits do we want to coach?

    German youth development

    Some good books I’ve recently read on the subject –

    Why England lose, and other curious phenomena –

    Inverting the pyramid

    The anatomy of England : A history in 10 matches

  3. Spurros says:

    Also, I find I have a lovely window of opportunity to read these sorts of things – an eight hour time period 5 days a week, which totally co-incidentally involves me going to work.

  4. Great list (and thanks for the Better Football mentions!)

    I’m really enjoying the articles you’re posting at the moment, keep up the good work.


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