FA Level 1 Coaching Course: To take or to skip?

As I said in my first entry, I’m aiming to do the Level 1 course in August and follow it up by taking the Level 2 course in September. Both courses are currently available on the Oxfordshire FA website but before spending the money on the Level 1 course I wanted to understand if it was essential, or a requirement, before taking the Level 2 course.

So, in order to understand this I’ve been in contact with the Oxon FA rep, a friend who’s already completed L1 & L2 and also sought advice from the people at the soccer coaching forums (http://www.soccercoachingforums.com/index.php). This is what I heard:

  • Level 1 isn’t a requirement for Level 2
  • Most FAs will allow you to jump straight in to Level 2
  • The FAs will not recommend that you do this (but obviously they also have a financial incentive to say this)
  • You will require Safeguarding Children & Emergency Aid before completing the Level 2 course
  • These are not covered on the L2 course
  • You may find Level 2 more difficult to pass if you have not taken Level 1
  • Level 1 provides a useful introduction to coaching

So, with all this taken on board I’ve decided to go ahead and attend the Level 1 course. Partly because it covers SC and EA and partly because it feels the right way to approach my desire build my coaching skills. Finances were the main reason for me to challenge the need to take the Level 1 course and it’s worth taking the costs in to consideration if you’re having the same dilemma. At the time of writing the Level 1 course will set you back £140, the Level 2 course will set you back £310 – not cheap.

I’ll be attending the level 1 course in mid-late August, and I’m also hoping to start my first bit of coaching around the same time, so I shall have a full review of the Level 1 course from mid-August.


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One Response to FA Level 1 Coaching Course: To take or to skip?

  1. Spurros says:

    Pretty much the same conclusion I’ve reached – although for some reason the Lancashire FA specfically states you need to have passed level 1 before moving on to level 2, so the point was moot for me. Slightly puzzling to see different requirements amongst different County FAs.

    However I’ve decided to take the Youth Award Module 1 before the level 2. I’ve heard very good things about it. Booked on the Level 1 for August, and the Youth Award Module 1 for September.

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