An introduction to my Football Coaching blog…

Welcome to my blog. The reason I’ve created this blog is because I want somewhere to document my experience as someone who’s starting out as a football (soccer) coach. I want to share the experience of being new, the experience of attending the courses I plan to attend, and the experience of working with young players. I also want this blog to transform over time from a journal to a place where others can benefit from the experiences and lessons I learn along the way.

It’s Thursday, 15th July 2010 and I have three immediate aims; 1. I’m planning to attend the FA Level 1 Course in August, 2. I’m planning to attend the FA Level 2 course in September and 3. I’m planning to start helping with the coaching at my local club.

I hope to blog regularly along the way and in time I hope people will benefit from this journal.


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4 Responses to An introduction to my Football Coaching blog…

  1. Simon, just a quick word on the coaching path. Having done the L1 and if you intend to coach mainly youngsters, you may wish to consider doing the FA Youth Award Module 1 rather than jumping into the L2 straightaway.
    The Youth Awards have outstanding content and are showing a real way to go to guide young players through a creative approach rather than a regimented one.
    There is also a 1 day Age Appropriate Introductory course usually available at a weekend and which gives a real insight into how the Youth Award courses approach young player development.
    Good luck on your coaching journey
    Steve (coach03 on footy4kids)

  2. Simon says:

    Hi Steve,

    I hadn’t considered doing the FA Youth Award Module 1 before taking the Level 2 course, mainly because I’ve only seen about 1 Youth Award course on the OFA website in 8/9 months but noticed an L2 course in September.

    Do you think it’d be too soon to jump in to L2?


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  4. Xaz says:

    Hey Simon,

    I’m a fairly new starter like yourself, finished my level 1 at the start of june and was doing some work at a couple of soccer schools. Another thing they don’t mention is that they actually write in your packs that you should have 6 months coaching experience before moving onto level 2. Whether or not they’ll actually stop you from doing it i’m not sure. You must have just started it, so good luck and hope you enjoy it!

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